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Default Re: How old were you when you first dunked?

Originally Posted by KungFuJoe
It usually seems to be one or the other for most people. I could dunk both ways, but I prefer two feet BY far. I had a friend...white guy about 6'5" who would dunk on ANYONE off one foot. I mean he got UP there. Ask him to try and dunk a ball jumping off two feet and he couldn't do it. Didn't seem to know how to plant his feet.
I actually started off a one-foot dunker and moved to two-feet partway through high school. I went so far the other way that I actually lost the ability to dunk off one foot. So, being only a two-foot guy, there was a little while there where any time I'd come across a dunking opportunity, I'd be chased down while trying to set my feet or I'd slip by setting too fast or I'd just flat out rush everything.

Post high school, I forced myself back into one-foot dunking. It's been pretty solid and easy ever since. I made sure to retain my two-foot ability this time around though, so now I sort of have the best of both worlds.
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