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Default Re: The 1-2 rule or How Jordan revolutionized the Game

Originally Posted by Money 23
C'mon dude, look at your agenda. It's in your avatar.

Thread OP retard has nothing to do with MJ being a mythic player, and by all accounts the best player of all-time.

6 rings

What are you smoking, dumb ass?

Lol, only one of those is a record and that's only because they didn't have finals mvp while Russell was playing. Kareem had more mvp's than Jordan did. Russell had more rings. Most of the records he has are helped by the fact that he quit twice while in his prime. I'm the dumb-ass right? The best individual record he has that isn't a career average is consecutive years leading the league in scoring and individual playoff game record. And even then it's a bit convoluted.

Like I said, he's great. In fact I think he's the GOAT. I just don't think the gap is as big as the stans think, otherwise they wouldn't be having to come up with super contrived reasons like the random stupidity in this thread to make him the GOAT.
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