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Default Re: if steve nash misses a significant amount of time. what are kobes mvp chances

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin
you mean like in 2003 when kobe averaged 30/7/6 on a 50+ win lakers team

and tim duncan averaging 23/12/3 won mvp because the spurs had the #1 seed

it was obvious kobe out performed duncan that year. with the 2 months averaging 40ppg, the all time record 12 threes, the 9 straight 40+ point games, and he was 1st team all defense same as tim

but the better teams representative won mvp because record is worth more than individual statistics

I don't even like Lebron, but he is clearly the better player than Kobe, and deservedly will likely win another MVP this year. Kobe\started the year well, but old legs will change that as the season progresses.
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