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Default Re: if steve nash misses a significant amount of time. what are kobes mvp chances

Originally Posted by Cali Syndicate
Being the best player doesn't equate winning MVP.

MVP's are typically reserved for a top seeded team's elite player unless a player has some ridiculously productive season.

Well Lebron has ridiculously productive seasons every year, he has a team that will win a minimum 55+ games to boot. Unless Lakers are winning 65 wins or more, KObe won't be taking it from Lebron and I think Howard would have more chance if not Nash. Only threat to Lebron for MVP is DUrant IMO. Kobe started last year off well too, but he will slow down as the year goes on due to age, plus they will likely look to rest Kobe and co. during blowouts which will affect his averages.
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