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Default Re: How old were you when you first dunked?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I agree it makes a big difference, but I've learned to embrace my inability to palm a rock over the years. I like it because it forces my dunks to be a little more powerful because it takes an unified arm motion for me to slam as opposed to placing it on a palmed pedestal and dunking with a slight wrist motion.

In-game, my dunks come off one foot 90-95% of the time. When just fooling around outside of games, I think I've most enjoyed dunking off two lately. I just don't get a lot of opportunities in games where leaping off two makes a ton of sense for me. It's a lot easier for me to sprint at full speed and rise in one motion, as opposed to randomly trying to set both feet.

It usually seems to be one or the other for most people. I could dunk both ways, but I prefer two feet BY far. I had a friend...white guy about 6'5" who would dunk on ANYONE off one foot. I mean he got UP there. Ask him to try and dunk a ball jumping off two feet and he couldn't do it. Didn't seem to know how to plant his feet.
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