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Default Re: if steve nash misses a significant amount of time. what are kobes mvp chances

Originally Posted by poido123
What the hell you talking about, you sound like a baby. Lebron should still win MVP this is year, because he is clearly a better player than Kobe at this stage of their careers. Little whiny f**got.

this is that critera change i told everyone would happen

remember when kobe lost all those mvps to dirk, nash, duncan etc

people said. yea kobe might have had better stats and might be the better individual player. but they had a better record....

even though kobe was the leagues best overall player many years. he only won it once

so just having a higher PER or being in his prime shouldn't automatically make lebron mvp

its almost always been about whos the best player on the best team

so if the lakers run off 60+ wins and kobes at 27/5/5+

he has to win mvp just based on the history of the mvp
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