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Default Player that this board has changed your mind about the most?

From another site:

Originally Posted by user "ardee" from another forum
To me it's gotta be KG. I always thought of him as a fringe top 25 player, judging him by his lack of team-mates. Now I can actually understand what an amazing defensive AND offensive player he was during his Minnesota days, and it really wasn't his fault that he was saddled with awful teams. He's now 15 on my list.

Conversely, the guy against whom the arguments I can't agree with at all are Chamberlain, I feel people are just out against him with no real logic to some of the statements he made.

So KG is one guy about whom the discussions have had a profound impact on me, and Wilt is one guy about whom the discussion hasn't mattered to me.

What about you'll?

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