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Talking Living Up to the Hype: written by : OJ Mayo, the 2nd Best SG in the NBA

Dear NBA fans,

It has been a long journey. It all began at Rose Hill Christian ( HS). I started making national news because I was a 6 foot tall 7th grader dominating the Varsity Level. This was at the same time LeBron James had been titled " The Chosen One" by Sports Illustrated. After LeBron fabulous rookie season in which he became the 3rd NBA player to average 20/5/5 as a rookie, you guys were in search of the next LeBron James. I unfairly became that target because of my high school performances. I was running pickup games with Kobe Bryant at the age of 14, and dunked on him ( he wants me to keep it a secret).Long story short finished my high school career as the number one recruit in the country.

In 2009 I got drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies as the 3rd overall pick, and was quickly hyped by my fans as " The Next Kobe Mamba". As a rookie I didn't disappoint averaged 19/4/3 , and followed with another solid campaign 18/4/3. In 2011 I lost the hunger to take Kobe's torch. It didn't help getting benched for piss-poor play. I was washed up on the verge of bust status. Didn't live up to my OJ Mamba name. Then I reach a low point with my Round 1 performance against the Clippers, which was all-time bad. I was on pace to become an NBA journeyman.


I was disrespected with an 2 year 8 million dollar deal. That's when it hit me that I must live up to my name " OJ Mamba". It clicked for me, and then I just started surpassing shooting guards at my position. Ray Allen, Manu Ginobili, even the mightest of them couldn't keep up with me in Dwyane Wade. I sit here, a humbled man and ready to cement my name by becoming a full blown Superstar. I will not rest until I become..... shall I say better than Kobe Bryant himself.

and pay me my money b*tches, 5 years 90 million dollars.
Sincerly with kisses,

OJ Mamba
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