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Default Re: How old were you when you first dunked?

I'm pretty sure I was 16 (or around there). 6'1'' (in shoes). We had practice at 4:00 PM and school ended up 3:45, so those of us who were tall enough spent the 10-15 minutes until the coach got there trying to dunk.

I could dunk a volleyball at 14, but it took me the extra 2 years to get the grip and technique down (I always tried to take off too early. Even when my friends told me that I had trouble correcting it and still getting the height).

I have never dunked in a game. I tried a few times and I either threw it off the back of the rim or it slipped out of my hand and turned into a weird lay up.

Our star player was throwing down in game dunks as a 5'9'' 14 year old. By 16 he was dunking 1-2 times a game as a 6' PG.
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