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Default Re: How old were you when you first dunked?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Obviously I cannot speak for everyone else, but I am not black. I've always found it a little silly when I heard certain people say they can't dunk because they're white. Most of the time they're joking and making light of the situation but every now and again, I'm wondering if some really believe that's the reason they can't jump.
Technically, if you didn't know this then i'm not trying to make you out to be an idiot or anything, but there is a difference between black people and white people genetically speaking.

Not the colour of skin, although that is an obvious one lol. I mean in terms of the type of muscles we have. Black people in general have more fast twitch muscle fibres than white people do, and therefore it makes short burst energy easier for them, where as white people tend to have more slow twitch fibres making endurance movements easier for us.

Of course there are exceptions. Also I believe there is a difference in hips that allows black people to have a longer stride because they can open up their hips more tha white people.

Not saying that makes "being white" a legitimate reason for not being able to dunk, but we do have differences other than skin colour.
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