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Talking Awkward moment between Brent Barry & Matt Winer on NBATV

Just now on NBA TV Gametime there was a tense moment between Matt Winer and Brent Barry. Brent Barry was trying to give his analysis, and Matt Winer kept interrupting. Brent Barry snapped at him in a snippy tone, "If you would stop interrupting..." Winer proceeded to cover his mouth with his index cards in a joking but slightly over-the-top manner. When Brent Barry was done talking, Winer refused to talk, keeping his mouth covered with the index card the whole time, with a goofy, wide-eyed look on his face, staring Brent down. Dennis Scott tried to break the tension and keep the segment going, but to no avail.

If someone happened to be recording, please upload a video. I doubt they replay it because it was live, and awkward.
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