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Default Re: if steve nash misses a significant amount of time. what are kobes mvp chances

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin
on a scale of 1-10?

i say about an 8 considering lebron just won it and westbrook is stealing durants "thunder"

whats the longest tenured mvp? i'm guessing karl malone in 1999 in his 14th season

without nash kobe might average 27/6/8

1. Who says you cant win it again after winning it the previous year? Lebron is still being the statistical beast he is while most likely leading Miami to top seeding in the ECF (towards the end of teh season) with a lacklustre Wade.

2. Westbrook stealing Durants thunder? What about the likelihood of Howard stealing Kobes thunder as the season draws on?

I still think Kobe has a top 3 chance, but it will most likely be Lebrons to lose.
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