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Default Re: I'm still young to the game... why do you have to hold the ball...

Originally Posted by Burgz V2

whether people think its right or not, it WILL rub players the wrong way and they DO remember these things.
You're probably correct. I mean, I'm hopeful some sense of sanity will prevail here, as his dunk was about as innocent as they come, but unfortunately for me (and maybe Lillard) people are just weird about this and I'm not sure it makes any sense.

Meanwhile, I just thought of a late-game play I would in fact deem unsportsmanlike. The Anthony Bowie incident, where he called a time-out with four seconds left in a blowout so he could have an opportunity to gain his 10th assist and earn a triple double. I think there's a big difference between a play like that and a play like Lillard's, who again just merely made an unspectacular dunk with absolutely no celebration or apparent enjoyment.
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