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Default Re: How old were you when you first dunked?

I know my story doesn't bode well because there's already been at least one other young dunker story so far and that's usually enough to bring out the folks who sarcastically talk about how everyone on this board must be NBA prospects with our outlandish stories and whatnot, but...

My first dunk came in the fall of the freshman year of high school. I was about 5'11'' and 14 years old. It came at an open gym where a freshmen classmate of mine was trying to dunk in front of the varsity players. He was more or less doing the thing where he'd jump then lose all control of the ball, throwing it off the backboard as he grabbed the rim, creating the illusion that he was "so" close to dunking. I was jealous of the attention he was getting though, so I laced up my shoes (I'd just arrived) and went over to give it a shot myself.

I can't remember if I did it on my first or second try, but it was a moment permanently imprinted upon my brain. I think the adrenaline boost from having so many onlookers is what put me over the top. It was a one handed dunk coming from the left wing. After a flushed, everyone freaked out and a 6'7'' senior grabbed me and excitedly yelled to his coach about how I'd just dunked, but the coach just figured he was joking and walked away laughing. I remember people were giving me high fives all throughout the open gym and the next day at school all sorts of non-basketball playing friends were coming up and asking if the rumors were true about me dunking. It was pretty legit moment for me at the time.

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