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Default Re: I'm still young to the game... why do you have to hold the ball...

Originally Posted by ZenMaster
I just think that when the losing team is nice enough to admit defeat and stop intentionally fouling for the 0.0000001% chance that they can win the game 14 down with 13 seconds to go, well then the offense should be nice enough to not go for the last unnecessary score.

The only time it's acceptable in tournaments where team score are just for tie-breakers.
I see where you're coming from with your specific example and I can agree there'd be times where dunking or scoring would just look weird. I would also agree that it's possible for winning teams to score late in contests with the intent of showing up the competition. However, it seems more times than not, guys are just scoring late because they either just want to score, they want to provide entertainment to the crowd, or they realize they're playing a game and shooting is what happens. In those cases, I do not believe shooting should be taken with offense.

To look specifically at this Lillard situation, it was a two possession game, Chicago missed a shot that would have made it a one possession game. The miss was rebounded and outletted to a streaking Lillard with one Bull haphazardly giving chase. Lillard finished with a bland dunk to make it a three possession game. In my opinion, if Chicago really didn't want their opponent to score anymore, they should have played real basketball until the buzzer.

Lillard attempting to score during a basketball game, without performing any theatrics, without talking trash, without anything that can logically be misconstrued as showing up the competition, should not result in a negative response or folks planning retribution of some kind, or suggesting he should have been taken out in a manner that'd go beyond the rules of basketball. It's a game, and he scored in the game.
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