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Default Re: Gortat unhappy

A line up of:

Westbook / Maynor
Thabo / K.Martin
Durant / Dudley
Ibaka / Collison
Gortat / Thabeet

Would be my favourite to win it all this year.

Perkins + Lamb + TOs pick should get it done. You'd have a stacked team have still have PJ3 and DALs 1st as young prospects.

Gortat averages 3 blocks and Ibaka 3.5. Add Durant (1.4) and you have a front court that averages almost 8 blocks. No one will be able to score at the rim.

Dudley is a top notch backup forward as well. He's had success at PF in a small lineup in streches as well.

This trade needs to happen.
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