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Default Re: The 1-2 rule or How Jordan revolutionized the Game

My point is clearly written. You understood it too. So I don't get your nonsensical first lines.

It seems to be that there was an existing pattern before Jordan arrived and made the NBA the super sport it is today. 1 generational player, then two, then one, then two then one. That last one contributed to make the NBA explodes. It got us an array of generational players (4 for this past generation) that was never seen before.

Even though Wilt played in the 70's, he was the generational player from the sixties. Likewise, Kobe, Lebron and Duncan are playing in the 10', and yet they are generational player from the 00'.

And, the last point I made was that Jordan is the biggest superstar the world sport has ever seen since he contributed to make so many generational players appear. This is something that, as far as I know, hasn't been done anywhere else, in any other sport.
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