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Default Re: Roddy Beaubois: WTF happened?

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
To me a homer is somebody who feels their team and players can do no wrong and is completely unrealistic about their team. I'm not anything like that. I'm the first to rip my team up when they play like trash and I have realistic expectations for my teams and players. Every player I've hyped has improved and my predictions of the team have been spot on for the most part. I said second round exit last year when most said 1st. I said Bledsoe was a stud when people thought he was a scrub.

I said Griffin would start playing defense. I said Crawford would be a huge addition and have a career year which so far is true. I feel like I'm pretty damn realistic. I think what you are confusing with homer is obsessed with my team to a fault. Which is true.

alright, homer, obsessed. same difference. splitting hairs.

point is: sometimes the clippers are completely irrelevant to a thread!!!!
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