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Default Re: Should Wade slide over to PG?

When Wade got drafted, he was originally a point guard. However, it wouldn't the best interest at this point in time to slide him over to PG.

I would move LeBron to the PF spot and move Battier over to the SF spot. I don't know why coach Spo doesn't see that. It would work wonders, but then again he's always got talent to bail his ass out.

Originally Posted by Nash
Wade averaged around 7 apg for many seasons before Lebron got there.

By many, you mean 2 seasons ? Sure. LeBron averaged 4 seasons of 7+ apg. LeBron should definitely be the facilitator, because he is also more willing and why Wade should not move to PG. The offense that the Heat run requires spot up shooters and Wade is obviously not that type of player, nor is he anywhere near that.
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