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Default Re: I'm still young to the game... why do you have to hold the ball...

Originally Posted by iamgine
I guess when you flip people off, gotta be ready for them to get offended, even if you don't mean it. Lillard might not mean it, but the gesture is taken as disrespect, just like flipping people can be taken as disrespect.
Yeah, you are correct on that one, and that's kind of my whole point. I understand some people take it as a sign of disrespect, I just do not agree that they should.

It's strange to me because players will get T'd up for saying something vile to an official and the fans and commentators treat that as everyday stuff. Folks often don't seem to get too bent out of shape about that lack of sportsmanship. It's more or less just, "So Sheed gets a well-earned T and Allen will shoot the free throw. While we have this down time let us tell you about our upcoming promotion." Yet, it's an unexciting two hand dunk that really gets folks revved up. I'm not even sure the Rockets announcers responding to Lin getting hit in the face by Artest last night were as offended as the two fellows in the Lillard video.

It all sort of reminds me of the Dave Chappelle clip where he mentions how offended another person gets when he asks them who they're voting for, only for that guy to change the subject back to he and his wife's previous evening relations.

Originally Posted by elementally morale

In my country, it is disrespectful not to score as many points as you can. All my coaches told us that showing respect starts with not toying with your opponent and that we should beat the opposing team by the most points possible. Sure, the starters were off the court at the end of a blowout game, but the reserves still had to score as many points as they could. Had any of my former coaches seen us not trying to score when there was a free lane to the basket, we would have been benched at that very moment.

Showing respect can vary from country to country, I guess.
This actually makes a lot more sense to me. I feel intentionally forcing oneself not to score should have more of a possibility to embarrass than merely playing the entire game. To be honest, I'm fine with either option a team chooses. I've been in games where teams dribble out the clock and where they play until the final buzzer. If I had to be completely honest, I prefer the opposition play until the end, because I'd rather play for as long as possible (yes, even for those final, meaningless 30 seconds).

Anyway, in theory, I see where you're coming from, elementally. Intentionally not scoring anymore seems as if it could be just as offensive, as if the winning team feels they're so much better than you that they take pity. I feel like not just playing until the end of the game makes things unnecessarily complicated.

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