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Default Re: I'm still young to the game... why do you have to hold the ball...

Originally Posted by iamgine
Well it's just the culture. I don't think it's preposterous at all. There's attached meaning to the gesture in the NBA culture.

Just like giving a middle finger is disrespectful and people get very very offended by it. Why? It's just a finger and it has no repercussion. Why and how did that somehow become established in the manner with which it did?
Well, you make an interesting point, but I feel the middle finger developed an intended connotation throughout history. At some point, it was established in our culture that a person flipping someone off was an intended insult so the receiver of such a sign likely has to distinguish whether the intention is consistent with its history.

For instance, if I cut someone off in traffic and that person flips me off, I know what it means and they know what it means. They flip me off because their intention is to insult or object to my actions. On the contrary, if a baby flips me off because they're fascinated by their own developing motor function, I know what it can mean, but I understand an insult is likely not what that baby intended. More times than not though, if there's a confrontation of some kind and a middle finger is raised, the person using that finger is doing so with full intent of insulting the other party.

In the case of an end-of-game dunk, I'd venture to say most often, there's no ill will intended for the opposition, it's just players getting out and playing the game. They're dunking because it's fun, not because they're trying to piss off and offend the other team. As such, I think it's shortsighted for the opponent to always assume the worst case scenario.

I think the Lillard dunk is the perfect scenario. He just dunked. That's it. He didn't even do a fancy dunk (of which I'd still accept). He scored a random couple of points and the game ended. I think there's absolutely no reason this shouldn't have been a non-issue. Lillard should have slammed, the announcers should have maybe mentioned it, or maybe just kept wrapping the game up, "And so a quick bucket there and this one's just about in the books, the Blazers will take it..." and both teams should have retired to their respective locker rooms, more concerned with the other 47 minutes and 55 seconds of the game.

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
its always been thought of as disrespectful. absolutely no reason to do it and many reasons you shouldnt.

nate robinson class act.
I really don't think it's always been thought of as disrespectful. It seems like it's developed a life of its own in recent history. I feel like it was often thought of as unnecessary, but people lived with it. To see the response the commentators gave Lillard's routine slam last night, you'd think he'd shot somebody.

On the flip side, I recently watched a Pistons/Spurs game from '95 that the Spurs won by 17. The game was never in doubt. San Antonio acquired possession with less than 20 seconds left and as the clock wound down toward zero, Vinny Del Negro shot and hit a 20 foot jumper at the buzzer. Not a single person flinched. And I'm not saying that's how games always were in the 90's. They didn't all end with the winning team dunking or shooting at the buzzer, but I do think the Del Negro reaction was much more logical and normal. There was a game being played and a player made a shot. That's the long and short of it. Again, had Del Negro done something obscene alongside, there'd be a problem. He didn't though, and neither did Lillard, and that is why I do not agree with the strange development and growth of this unwritten rule.

Edit: I also just read an article on Joakim Noah shooting a three pointer in hopes of winning his crowd free Big Macs. I think this is another fine example. It should be a non-story. Further, I cannot believe it's something the coach had to comment on and admit he talked to Noah in private about. He was attempting to please 20,000 yelling fans by playing basketball until the game ended, and now he has to issue a statement where he admits his regret and will never shoot a three pointer like that again? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

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