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Default The 1-2 rule or How Jordan revolutionized the Game

Mikan, Chamberlain, Russell, Abdul-Jabbar, Bird, Johnson, Jordan. What do those generational players have in common? They came in wave of one, followed by two ad repetitam. Just look :

50' : Mikan
60' : Chamberlain&Russell
70' : Abdul-Jabbar
80' : Bird&Johnson
90' : Jordan

This is a rather funny coincidence. And I am not able to explain why such a things happened that way. But what seemed like a rule of sort has been destroyed by Jordan who made the NBA the superbrand it is today.

How so? There has been 4 generational player since Jordan. Three of them are even still playing today. Who are they? None other than Bryant, Duncan, James and O'Neal.

And this is why Jordan is the biggest superstar the sports world has ever seen.
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