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Default Re: Roddy Beaubois: WTF happened?

Originally Posted by bmulls
He is too small to play his natural position (SG) and he's been really slow transitioning to PG. He's insanely quick but lacks control, his jumper is inconsistent and he's turnover prone. He's also built like starvin Marvin and is injured all the damn time.

He should be used in the SG role on offense, playing alongside a bigger ballhandler, who can defend the opponents SG on D. He doesn't make his teammates better, but can definitely light it up when given control of the offense. That's when he's at his best.
I don't think he fits in well with this Mavs team, but he could definitely be valuable on other squads. He was JJ Barea before JJ Barea and he could get back to being that guy if he's put in the right position.
You're right about the injury trouble though.. But he's gonna have a tough time getting through that if he's not playing.
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