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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by ihoopallday
So I've been lurking in this thread for a while and you guys seem like some cool people to play ff with. I'd be really interested if you guys do this again.
There are usually one or two spots opening up each season. Keep lurking. You may find yourself a part of the fun next year.

Btw, I finally took the step of benching Finley this weekend. I probably should have done it weeks ago. Here are his point totals for the last five weeks...


Today, his first week on my bench that wasn't a bye? 14.10, his best effort of the season. Story of my year in this league.

Also, Brandon Lafell is the definition of boom or bust. Either he gets 0-4 points or 12-20. There is no in between.

Pretty nice WR5 though. I will finish this league in last place in both record and points more than likely... Yet, I still like my team.

Very strange year for me.
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