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Default Re: Artest somehow stupidly does it again...waiting for 10+ game suspension

I was honestly expecting something a little worse based on the thread title. I think the detail here that may lead to a fine or suspension will be the ability for the viewer to tell that Artest absorbing the foul and Artest spinning and swinging were likely two separate acts. The extra bit of spin just doesn't look like a natural continuation of the manner with which he was moving after being hit.

Interesting to see Artest's post-contact history as well. He seems to be very good at committing a malicious foul (though I found this one a little less severe) then either feigning an apology directly after or admitting his wrong doing on the spot. It's like a child stealing a cookie from the cookie jar then telling him mom what he just did, expecting not to be punished because he was honest and forthright about the act committed.
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