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Default Re: Artest somehow stupidly does it again...waiting for 10+ game suspension

Originally Posted by G-train
He'll get games, he's an idiot. You have a duty of care, he knew Lin was in area and made a weird spinning strike. The guy is crazy.

Originally Posted by noob cake
Artest is gonna get nailed for this. Too many chances for him, suspend for 5-10 games imo.

Definitely suspension. This was intentional. You don't swing your arm after getting bear hugged. Can't even make the excuse that he didn't know Lin was there.
And this, the he's had way more chances than he deserves. With a history of violent reactions like this (often with little to no provocation), I wouldn't be against Stern kicking him out of the league. The dude is, legitimately, completely ****ing insane. He's a danger to other players just by being out on the court, you don't know what he might do.

And I can't believe people are actually saying this might not be intentional, come on, that's ridiculous. He knew exactly where Lin was.
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