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Default Re: Artest somehow stupidly does it again...waiting for 10+ game suspension

Originally Posted by Grey Dawn
Artest just Artested Lins head in the rockets Lakers game, mma style spinning elbow to Lins face/head, side of Lins head immediately bruised and bleeding, Artest a fraction of a second after snapping and doing it realizes he made a huge mistake and tries to console Lin.

A tech called, how did they not call a flagrant than go to the tape for review? Obvious purposeful swing and blow to the head.

The league is going to crush Artest anyways though, very similar to Harden incident, even also slammed the orbital bone and the exact same snap and strike thing as Harden.

The leagues biggest moron got 7 games for the Harden one and that was very forgiving, so this will have to be 10+ and man does he ever deserve it.

fcuking idiot...he didnt even know Lin was there...troll mutha fcuka
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