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Default Re: Race to the MVP 2012-13

Originally Posted by qrich
Why ignore turnovers per game, a stat that should be big for point guards in which Paul is averaging 2.1 to Irving's 4.1. Paul averages 4.82 assists per turnover, #1 among all guards and #2 overall behind Marc Gasol. In retrospect, Irving is tied #59 with Glen Davis averaging 1.58 assists per turnover. That means, Paul dishes out 3 more assists before a turnover than Kyrie

Or FGA per game, which Paul is at 11.25 to Irving's 17.75. Give Paul 7 shots more a night and he hits 3, that only gives Irving a 1.3 ppg advantage. And, to finish it all off, to win the MVP, you need to be winning, which the Cavs are not and the Clippers are.

And if you want to mention the head to head, yes, the Cavs stole one, but the stats aren't as far off as you want to make it seem. Irving took 13 shots to score a measly 7 points more. If Paul went 4-13 on the shot difference, he would've scored 1 more. Irving had one more dime, but one more giveaway, same steals, and less rebounds in 3 more minutes.

Don't get me wrong, Irving is one of the league's best, but this comparison, especially for MVP, isn't even close. Irving is probably top 10 in the argument, namely if the Cavs end up a top 6 seed somehow, but Paul has to be top 3, hands down.

In Kyries defense, he doesn't have a Blake Griffin or DeAndre to throw lobs to. Let alone the amount of talent that Paul has around him. Funny thing about an assit is, that your teammate actually has to make the bucket for it to count as an assit.

Again, people need to quit over valuing stats in the MVP race.
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