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Default Re: Race to the MVP 2012-13

Originally Posted by yobore
That's nice about the one-game matchup. Paul's advanced stats are on another planet from Irving's and if he kept them for a year it would make him an easy MVP most years. 131 ORTG, .332 WS48 (both would be near the highest ever for those stats). He is being extremely efficient and playing his role close to perfectly.
Kyrie - 23.29
CP3 - 27.75

Kyrie - 52.8%
CP3 - 52.2%

Kyrie - 58.7%
CP3 - 61.7%

Are we really going to completely boil 'advanced stats' down to win shares and nothing else? You can cherry-pick certain statistics to support whichever argument or side you want to take.

The fact is, individually, both guys have been incredible so far this season. The biggest difference is that the Clippers are currently winning and the Cavs are not (no big surprise).

To say CP3's advanced stats are 'on another planet' is crazy, unless you are talking about very specific advanced stats. The above statistics show that, offensively, they've both been absurdly efficient point guards.

And, no... Kyrie isn't in this conversation... yet. But, if you are going to put Brandon Jennings in the conversation... Then, yes, he should also be considered despite team record. He's been that good. You just don't see 24/7/4 on 47/87/40 too often, especially from a point guard.
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