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Default Re: Race to the MVP 2012-13

Originally Posted by Carbine
There is absolutely no way Tony Parker should be ahead of his teammate Tim Duncan right now.

Race to MVP ladder dudes say:

"Arguments that Tim Duncan belong on this list over Parker are valid. Duncan does, after all, lead the Spurs in scoring and rebounding this season and appears to have turned back the clock on his career. But those arguments should be tempered by the fact that even Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has acknowledged that this is Parker's team to carry now. Parker's role here is not diminished at all by a fantastic stretch from Duncan, whose work stands on its own merit."

Which i kindof agree with it... Tim Duncan has nicer numbers (which i think he probably wont sustain) but Parker has been the floor general/closer (hit some gamewinner/clutch shots) and is the leader of the team that will sustain his performance and alpha role, its still very close tho and debatable at least so far because Duncan is producing nicely afterall.

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