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Default Re: The Official "Discuss Jeremy Lin's Performance" Thread

Like I said in the game thread, it seems clear that Houston is very hands on and likes to put training wheels on their young players. Lin would have barely qualified as an MLB rookie. In some ways, he's like one. Look at how they handled Morris last year and how much he looks like a basketball player this year. Look at how the rookies aren't getting any game time this year. Chandler Parsons was the exception last year.

He'll get more and more freedom as the year goes on.

Originally Posted by stevieming
Hey man, I am not trying to make stuff up, I just read somewhere that the third year is a team option. Like I said earlier I don't understand enough about nba contracts.

Anyway, tried to google it right now, and not coming up with much.

Just go to rotoworld or even better basketball-reference. On the first page you'll see the teams in the league and their records. You'll also see a $. Click on it. That's the team salaries page. You see options, you see money that's still on the books (I saw Karl Malone being owed money by the Lakers this year).
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