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Default Re: The Official "Discuss Jeremy Lin's Performance" Thread

If he is black this thread would not exist.
Very true

I remember when Mike James average 20.3ppg on 47% (44% from 3) shooting and 5.8 assists over 79 games on a crap team much like Lin and no one gave a shit. Jeremy Lin over 35 games on a crap team averages 14.6, 6assists on 44% shooting and the hype is beyond insane

Terrance Kinsey over 12 starts avg 18 and 4 assists for Memphis

Andre Miller career averages are what Lin average over his time in NYK no one gives a crap

Hell even Dan Dikau (who's white) avg 14 and 5 on a crap team no one gave a crap

There have been countless other players do what Lin has done and the media didn't give a crap.
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