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Default Re: The Official "Discuss Jeremy Lin's Performance" Thread

Originally Posted by niko
Now i'm being told he is absolutely fantastic on defense (what?) and also things about his game that are not true. Basically people who saw him play 6 minutes want to tell me now that he's gone, he's become this transcendant star. Despite me literally having seen every minute he's played since last year.

There are more people on this board who will argue Lin is great based on 9 pts than admit Melo is an all star when he scores 30. Based on the numbers he's putting up and the impact he is having on games, a Knick fan who said he was very good last year and not as good this year is just being honest.
Find me a post where someone said he was a stellar all NBA defender? He's just been holding his own, and he is the 5th leader in steals per game, so he has decent hands and reaction.

Everybody here just needs to keep in perspective:

- He was not offered an athletic scholarship
- went undrafted
- averaged what, 5 minutes of play time in his rookie year with GSW
- sent to D-League multiple times his rookie year
- Cut by Rockets in preseason
- was on the NYK's bench for while and almost cut

now look at his numbers.
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