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Default Re: Rodney Stuckey looking like crap early in season

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Hey dd24.......they should trade Stuckey to the Lakers for Steve Blake
I would love that

I'd love that too actually. Pistons fans always rip on Stuckey, but he's one of the teams best players. I think if they traded him then people would finally see what he actually brought to the team. It would be one of those things where they don't know what they have until it's gone.... Everybody in Detroit wants to make him into this SG. Of course now that they drafted Knight he has to be too. He's a more natural PG. He's more of a scoring PG but he is more of a PG than a SG. I don't see him and Knight being a great back court. He'll either have to go to another team that will actually utilize him the way that he should be or he needs to be a 6th man.
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