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Default OKC stuff to watch

1. Westbrookís bounceback - The confident but streaky guard was off last night. No doubt about that. He went 6/21 shooting, committed six turnovers and got lost on Tony Parkerís game-winning shot. But thatís what you get with Westbrook, occasional implosions during a season full of positive impact. Heíll look to return to form tonight, in the home opener against Portland and, in the process, turn those Internet haters back to Westbrook lovers. At least for one night.
2. Ibakaís offense - All preseason, Serge Ibaka showed a refined offensive game, extending his shooting range and improving his post moves. It didnít show in the opener. Ibaka went 2/7 from the floor, while struggling to contain the aging (but still effective) Tim Duncan on the other end. On Friday, he faces another stout frontline, with All-Star Lamarcus Aldridge paired with the athletic J.J. Hickson.
3. Martinís continued implementation - Test #1 was a success, with Kevin Martin slipping seamlessly into the James Harden bench role. He was third on the team with scoring, with 16 points, and showed an ability to make plays for others, adding six assists. Letís see how day two goes.

-- Oklahoman
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