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Default The Suns are a completely different team now

And, thankfully, this is not the team built by Robert Sarver, who paid good money for the likes of Josh Childress, Hakim Warrick and Hedo Turkoglu.

From here on out the buck stops with Babby and Blanks, and it's a responsibility they take seriously.

If a nucleus including Michael Beasley, Goran Dragic, Jared Dudley and Marcin Gortat fails to produce wins, the finger of blame will point squarely in Babby and Blanks' direction.

Some would argue this is the first time it would be fair to do just that. While the Suns have made questionable decisions and missed the postseason the last two seasons, Babby and Blanks have spent the last couple years cleaning up the mess left by an aging team and an owner masquerading as a GM.

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