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Default Re: Where do you REALLY stand? Political Quiz here, post your results

Obama 83%
On economic, healthcare, science, environmental, Social Issues

Stein 64%
On healthcare, science, environmental

Johnson 64%
On domestic policy, foreign policy, environmental Issues

Anderson 63%
On healthcare, environmental Issues

Romney 53%(I am sort of disappointed in myself that this number is this high)
On social and Immigration issues

Goode 37% (I am very disappointed in myself that this number is this high)
On foreign policy and Social Issues

American voters 51%
On domestic policy, science, foreign policy, and Environmental Issues

Democrat 76% Green 52% Republican 44% Libertarian 31%

Thank you for this link, I found it very surprising in many ways. First I consider Virgil Goode a bigot and am saddened that this poll says I agree with him on 37% of issues. Surprised that me and Obama agree on 83% of issues, was going to vote for him anyways, because I thought he was the lesser of 2 evils when compared to Romney. Obviously a vote for anyone other than these 2 is basically the same as not voting.
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