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Default Re: #45 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

my vote is for Nate

at 46 I'll pick Hayes, followed by maybe Rodman (again, no clue where to place him...he's a role player so he'll go in first in that regard, but it's tough to place guys who weren't first options or defensive anchors, even if they were super-duper role players); any chance Artis Gilmore gets some mentions soon?

it'll be interesting to see if any other current players make it into the top 50...Pierce/Allen seem to be the most likely, but I think CP3, Dwight, KD really should get more consideration, since all three guys have had some sort of argument as the best player in the league at some point recently (not so much as the guys voted in already, but their names HAVE been thrown around over the past five seasons)
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