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Default Re: Better Player: Scottie Pippen or John Havlicek?

Originally Posted by Raz
So he is going to be penalized for being an ironman? Pippen didn't play that many minutes, and his career was still shorter, shittier and without the same peak.
Pippen did have a prime that went from about 90-98. That's nine seasons. And consider this. You call hondo an ironman? Pippen rarely had a decent off season where rest is concerned. He spent the 90, and 94 seasons rehabbing from offseason surgery. Played in the olypics in 92 and 96. And his teams always went deep into the playoffs.

I'm going to go ahead an say that Pippen was the better defender, but I to say he is the best ever is debatable.

So why didn't he put up higher scoring numbers if he was so great as a number one option?
He had to exert a lot of energy on defense. As well as run the team. If Pippen avg 45 minutes a night, in 94, he'd be pushing 28 ppg too. Along with 11 rebounds, and 8 assists.

The fact that they were Jordan-less and played more like a team may have something to do with that.
neither grant nor armstrong was ever able to duplicate their 94 season. Even Kukoc shot above 50% in 95 without Jordan. And could repeat that feat in 98 without Pippen. The fact is Pippen ran the Bulls offense for 8 years starting in 91. The result? The Bulls finished first in offense three times. Second twice. They were even top 10 in 94 without Jordan.

Different eras. Havlicek never had the benefit of playing with a 3 point line. Perimeter players FG% rose after the introduction of the 3 point line.
Not true. Fg% went down as players began to utilize the three point shot. Its alos funny how you put into context Hondos FG%, but won't do the same for a comparison of their PPG.

As a number 1 option, he is still far behind the kind of output we saw from Havlicek.
Again context. How many PPG, Rbds, and assists would Pippen avg had he been able to play 45 minutes per?
I've never seen Havlicek play so I can't say whose better. But Hondos accomplished more in the NBA than Pippen has.
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