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Default Re: Better Player: Scottie Pippen or John Havlicek?

Originally Posted by Raz
And Havlicek well surpassed those numbers.

In much more playing time. He had back to back seasons playing 45 MPG and had 5 straight seasons playing over 40 MPG. Pippen as a Bull never played in more than 38.6 MPG.

He was arguably the best wing defender of his generation

Of his generation, but Pippen is the best perimeter defender EVER.

was a number one option on offense

No one was an option ahead of Mike. And who do you think was the #1 option when Mike left? Sure wasn't Horace Grant or B.J. Armstrong.

got players involved at a better rate than Pippen

Multiple players on the '94 Bulls had career years with Pippen leading the way.

and he could actually shoot consistently.

Such a consistent shooter he shot less than 44% for his career and only 45-46% in his prime. Pippen shot 49% in '94 and never less than 46% until '98. He's also a career 47% shooter.

Havlicek is one of the best all-around players we have ever seen, and he did it over such a long period. Pippen had a small window of dominant play.

Again, we don't penalize Pippen because he played with Jordan. And we saw what he could do as the #1 option.
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