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Default Re: Better Player: Scottie Pippen or John Havlicek?

Originally Posted by Raz
Exactly. And if you asked this question in 2002, everyone would have said Havlicek. Pippen is becoming very overrated by a generation of posters that live on hearsay and youtube highlights.

John Havlicek was a better version of Scottie Pippen before Pippen ever existed. The fact that threads like this exist really piss me off. Hondo is becoming over-looked, as are other stars pre-1990. I'm not meaning to detract from Scottie, but he really only had a short peak, and never dominated offensively to the extent that Havlicek did. Havlicek was seen as one of the best wing defenders ever, and was an NBA ironman in terms of games played, and minutes played. His longevity is impressive as well. As a 36 year old, he averaged 17.7ppg, 4.8rpg, 5.1apg. He and the ageing Celtics took Dr J's 76ers to 7 games, 1 game away from the ECF.

Havlicek won titles in different eras, as the number 2, and as the number 1 in 1974 (don't listen to 87 Lakers - Hondo was clearly the lead dog. Stats back it up with the fact that he led the team in PER, WS, and he was the finals MVP).

Pippen has no individual awards to his name other than an All-Star MVP, and was never a top dog on a championship team - also consider how weak the east was in 1993-94.

Isn't that a bit extreme? One guy doesn't completely outclass the other (even though I'd go Havlicek without much hesitation), so the conversation shouldn't be that bad.
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