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Default Re: Better Player: Scottie Pippen or John Havlicek?

Originally Posted by 1987_Lakers
Havlicek was never really an alpha dog, he just had crazy longevity. I'll take a peak Rick Barry or Walt Frazier over Hondo anyday & some might not know this, but Dave Cowens was actually Boston's best player during those two championship seasons in the 70's.

As far Hondo vs Pippen... I really don't know. They are in the same category, but I would want Pippen on my team.

Hondo's career resume dictates that he's rated over Barry or Frazier GOAT wise. Now peak value wise is a different argument. In terms of being an alpha dog, I feel Hondo was indeed an alpha dog. He just wasn't on the level of Barry or Baylor that came before him in that regard. Or later Bird or Dr. J If u racking up 28.9 points in season as well as 27.5 points, then u gotta have alpha dog stuff. Hondo was MUCH more of an alpha dog than Pip ever was that's for sure.

It's common knowledge Big Dave was the man in the 70's. Hondo, while still an elite SF, was on the downside of his career. I think it was pretty common knowledge who the number one guy was. But still, Hondo was the leading scorer on that '74 title team.

When comparing players in different eras, ultimately it can be hard. But I feel Hondo dominated his era more than Pippen did on an individual level. U had many legendary SF's, swingmen, or SF-PF type players in Hondo's era. His total all around skills combined with his scoring made him standout. In terms of peak value, I would take Baylor and Barry over Hondo SF wise. U even had guys like Hawkins and Cunnigham who were awesome. But it's Hondo's resume that vaults him past all these SF's GOAT wise.
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