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Default Re: Better Player: Scottie Pippen or John Havlicek?

Career wise, HONDO. Peak wise HONDO! Pip was a beast and frankly combined traits of Hondo with the size and freakish athletic ability of Dr.J. But I think Hondo was a better number one option than Pippen. While also being a point forward type, great defender, and great rebounder for a SF. Hondo was in my book the first EPIC ALL AROUND SF in terms of being a great scorer, great passer, great rebounder, and great defender all in one. He set the tone that guys like Pip, Hill, and Bron would follow later. And considering he was 6'5 or 6'6 and a swingman, he even sort of set the tone for bigger SG's like MJ, Kobe, and Drexler in that regard as well.
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