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Default Re: Kobe's 81-point game is SEVERELY underrated

Originally Posted by Replay32
2 things make it a bit overrated.

1) His teammates were force feeding him the ball with the game out of reach. And kobe was still trying to score to add to his point total when the game was clearly over. He got about extra points trying to set the record when it wasn't really necessary.

2) He didn't see any aggressive double teams pretty much the whole game. The raptors defense was beyond horrible. You would think at some point they would aggressively double every time he touched the ball. That didn't happen.

Other than that, it was a great performance and he was on fire.

I think Jalen Rose had a part in this...looking back.

- It seemed after the 2000 Finals , Kobe and Jalen forged a competitive dislike for each other (basketball court only)...jalen in the Finals was a beast/veteran...and seemed to push Kobe to almost the brink of a physical confrontation a few times.

- Watching the game it seemed like Rose/ peterson were like " we aint gonna show Kobe no double teams...we will shut him down"...and I can totally se Rose going Machismo trying to shut down Kobe one on one....and thus Rose easily selling Sam Mitchell on this idea.

- Lakers were down big to seemed like Kobe was gonna score but Toronto was going to still be ahead....Rose could easily say " you scored some points but we won"....

- Then Kobe went to another level and Rose's /teams ego just took over and they never decided to take the ball away from Kobe....they wanted to prove a point...and it cost them dearly
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