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Default Re: Kobe's 81-point game is SEVERELY underrated

Originally Posted by Levity
I wouldnt say its underrated. Most people applaud the great play of kobe that game. It's just that in this forum, people choose to disregard the impressiveness of this performance for their own personnel reasons. spurting nonsense like "it was only against the raptors" or "if blah blah blah took 35+ shots, theyd score 81 points too" totally disregarding the fact of how hard it is to get off your own shot off in the nba, let alone making over 50% of them to score 81. claims like that should just be ignored, because regardless of the opposing team or shots taken, an 81 point performance is absolutely amazing. Its really a head scratcher that some people actually deny the impressiveness of said game.

It also gets brought up all the time. It's possible that no matter how great the game is, people just get bored talking about it and seeing it mentioned every other day despite the fact that it happened over half a decade ago.
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