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Default Re: Top 5 Player Lists

Originally Posted by Rooster
At then end of the day Kobe has 5 rings. If Melo can win at least one of them, he should keep chucking and be a black hole. But I agree Kobe should let Nash run the offense this time and not forcing shots from isolations.

I don't really want to get into the whole kobe debate that has been done 1,000,000 times on this board (the "kobe was carried by his bigs and coach jackson" verus the "no he wasn't" debate). but I think melo would be a much more useful player if he were to play more like a big. pick and pop and posting up off ball. he should be bernard king 2.0 not kobe bryant: the fat edition.

that is why jeremy lin being gone kills me. jeremy could have run the offense while melo played off ball.
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