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Default Re: Top 5 Player Lists

Originally Posted by blood yes
I hate Euroleague as much as the next person does but....

He has 3 of the 5 players right in his list.
And to be fair, navarro was really good against the USA in 2008

Navarro may not be a top 5 player, but he has the best floater in the game

Here is my top 5:

1.Lebron James
2.Kevin Durant
3.Kobe Bryant
4.Chris Paul
5.Juan Carlos Navarro (He played really well in his rookie season, and that was just his first year in the NBA, excellent 3 point shot, crazy good floater)

La Bamba can't guard a lick and consistently can not create his shots on next level.

That's he moved back to Europe because he knows he is just a bench material in NBA just like Rudy.

So what if he look good against Team USA.

Scrubs like Arroyo, Saras and Diogu have look against them.
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