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Default Re: Michael Jordan : The Legend Of The Greatest

Originally Posted by Smoke117
Why is there no sourness to the legend? I mean EVERYONE has labled Isiah Thomas as a ass...yet Michael Jordan has committed more acts and treated people like SHIT more than Isiah did. So we glorify him as an athlete, right? Well I say F.UCK YOU, Michael Jordan. You are a c.unt as a human being and THAT IS WHAT SHOULD BE REMEMBERED! Not the points you scored, you f.ucking bitch!

Isiah Thomas:

- Froze Jordan out of his rookie all star game in 1985

- Walked off the court in 1991 with time still remaining after being swept by the Bulls.

- Spread rumors about his friend Magic Johnson being gay after it was announced that he contracted the H.I.V. virus.

- After being humiliated by the Celtics he reiterated Dennis Rodman's opinion that Larry Bird was overrated because he was white.

- Responsible for the collapse of the CBA with his reckless spending and poor management.

- Found financially liable after sexually harassing a woman while working for the Knicks.

- Overdosed on the sleep medication Lunesta and tried to cover up the incident by claiming his 17 year old daughter required medical treatment, when he was in fact the patient.

Jordan committed more "acts" than this upstanding gentleman? Tell me more.
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