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Default Re: Michael Jordan : The Legend Of The Greatest

Originally Posted by Smoke117
Why is there no sourness to the legend? I mean EVERYONE has labled Isiah Thomas as a ass...yet Michael Jordan has committed more acts and treated people like SHIT more than Isiah did. So we glorify him as an athlete, right? Well I say F.UCK YOU, Michael Jordan. You are a c.unt as a human being and THAT IS WHAT SHOULD BE REMEMBERED! Not the points you scored, you f.ucking bitch!

Yes. We glorify him just like we do Magic Johnson (cheated on his wife), Larry Bird (deadbeat father), Kobe Bryant (cheated on his wife, possibly committed rape), Jim Brown (wife beater), Mike Tyson (Convicted rapist, bit a man's ear), Floyd Mayweather (wife beater), Muhammad Ali (horrible racist treatment of Joe Frazier) etc., etc., etc. And how has Michael Jordan committed more "acts"than Isiah Thomas? Isiah Thomas has been hated since the 80's and can't find a job in the NBA because of all the bridges he's burned, that along with the shitty job he's done. Thomas was also found financially liable for sexually harassing a woman. You can go through just about every great athlete in every sport and they all have dirt. So many of them have cheated on their wives and caroused with whores. You sound like you have some bizarre vendetta against Jordan, likely out of personal bias.

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