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Default Re: Dwyane Wade: Comeback season 2012/2013?

Originally Posted by AngelEyes
What is with you people and the injury excuse. Wade is always banged up to a certain extent, whether it's a major knee or shoulder injury or a minor nagging injury. There's a reason for this... his style of play. He plays the same way he played in 2004, except he's nowhere near as quick and more prone to injury. He hasn't adapted his game as he's aged. He still doesn't have a consistent mid range or three point shot. He's still all too reckless with his body. If Wade continues to play in the same manner and doesn't adapt his game to his increasing age and declining athleticism then the injuries will continue to mount. To suggest that rest will solve all his ills, he'll avoid injury and he'll be the same dynamic player he was a few years ago is naive and misguided.

Im not saying we should expect wade to be in 06-09 form as he won't. His days as a top 2-3 may not return but I see no reason why after a summer of rest he isn't still considered a top 5-10 player as that's all Miami need to keep winning titles.

As wade does get older the more involved bosh will be which is a good thing for the heat. Bosh is still a great 2nd option that Miami could still win titles with as wade does start to go down each year. How ever I still expect wade to play at an elite level for a fair few years yet,
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